The Ultimate Guide to the Best Shades for Gamers

Whatever the game, make sure you have the right eyewear for it.

The professional eSports community is one of the fastest-growing sectors in recent years, with the market value soaring to an astounding $282 billion, and expected to rise even further in the coming years. With so many people spending extensive periods in front of screens, protecting our eyes from blue light is becoming more and more of a necessity. As a result, we’re seeing computer glasses designed to shield against screen exposure in a constant state of evolving, with many well-known brands now catering specifically to the online community with gaming glasses.

A Leader in Sports Eyewear

Oakley has long been recognized as a trailblazer when it comes to sports eyewear, renowned for its innovative frame and lens technologies that enhance contrast for various sports, along with its durable construction that provides users peace of mind. Many of the top professional athletes around the world put their faith in Oakley, and now, with the rise of eSports, so do the eGamers.

Prizm: Specialized Gaming Lenses

Oakley has introduced Prizm lenses, their latest innovation for gaming professionals. These advanced lenses are available in several Oakley frames, such as the Holbrook model at MAGRABi. Along with Prizm Polarized lenses, which enhance color contrast, reduce glare, and offer 100% UV protection, these lenses block 40% of high-energy visible (HEV) light, which significantly reduces eye strain. This makes them perfect for gamers who spend long hours with their focus fully on a glowing screen. Additionally, these lenses help gamers see better in darker areas of the screen, which has proved to be a universal challenge in the eGaming world.

Oakley also tackles another gamer issue with their frames, which have been designed to fit perfectly and comfortably with large headsets. These features make Oakley’s lenses ideal gaming glasses, offering comfort, clarity, blue light protection, reduced fatigue and glare, and improved vision in low-light conditions. What more could you want from gaming-specific sports glasses?

Beyond Gaming

Oakley glasses are not just perfect for gaming but are also ideal for various professions and activities. Their glare reduction and fatigue prevention features also make them great for driving, whether at night or during the day, offering UV protection for daytime driving. The blue light and HEV protection are also beneficial for anyone spending long periods in front of screens, not just avid gamers.

All in all, Oakley’s advanced sports glasses–with their cutting-edge lens technology and reliable manufacturing–are perfect for athletes and pretty much anyone on the lookout for high-performance eyewear. They are ideal for climbing, skiing, cycling, motorcycling, and endless more activities. With their modern appeal, colorful designs, and availability with ophthalmic lenses or as sunglasses, they combine peak athletic performance with contemporary fashion for teens and adults. Visit our website or your nearest MAGRABi store to explore Oakley designs and styles, as well as other brands that offer their own sports glasses. Choose eyewear that protects your eyes from continuous screen exposure or harmful sun rays, all while sporting an attractive, modern style!

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