The Future's So Bright

Summer’s knocking on the door, and while we’ve been working on getting those bodies into full beach-mode we’ve also been maintaining our focus on the hottest looks when it comes to selecting this season’s frames.

The right eyewear can make or break a look. Here, we’ve brought together our top picks – the sunglasses to wear if you’re going out people-watching… or to be watched!

And who says prescription sunglasses can’t be on trend? We’ve included plenty of statement-making styles that can be fitted with optical shaded lenses.

Too busy packing to shop for yourself? Can’t squeeze a trip to the mall into your schedule? No problem… all styles are available online from MAGRABi stores.

Shield Sunglasses

They were the Spring / Summer 2019 catwalk’s accessory of choice. If you’re a designer and you’re not matching a pair with this season’s looks, well, you’re already kind of off-trend!

Big, bold and futuristic, shield sunglasses’ standout identifier is made from a large single piece of transparent coloured / tinted material that extends across both eyes and have a look so far removed from traditional biframes! Their unique styling also means shield sunglasses offer the greatest protection… and are this season’s sure-fire way to make your own style statement.

Far from hiding behind their big frames, you’ll be the one making the boldest entrance with this larger-than-life and super-hot trend.

This year’s hottest catwalk accessory, shield sunglasses are currently 2019’s hottest pick amongst today’s most style-savvy. Dior’s draw on the couture collection’s creativity.

 Patterned Frames

Patterns are as bold as they are ubiquitous for SS19, and our favorite designers have followed suit within their eyewear brands! Patterned glasses – both sun and optical – are as much about summer 2019 as are flyweight patterned dresses.

From polka dots to floral and through to geometric, if it works on fabric you’ll find it on frames this season. Over-bright to super-muted, there’s a pattern to match every moment. Dress them up with an urban elegance, or dress them down for poolside-chic, but pick the pattern that’s going to suit the mood of the season.

Swede Anna Karin Karlsson began her career in eyewear design in London at the age of 19. Today, her patterned frames are adored by the likes of Lady Gaga and Rihanna. We’ve grown accustomed to expecting the unexpected from Karlsoon!
Milan’s favorite sons Domenico and Stefano won’t put their name to anything that doesn’t stay true to the Dolce & Gabbana design ethos. This season’s patterned frames have everything about the label’s DNA nailed… down to a tee.

 When Size Doesn’t Matter

Small, but perfectly formed… that’s 2019’s crop of tiny micro sunglasses. Let’s be upfront and open about this… they’ll offer limited protection from the strongest of the sun’s rays, but they’ll add masses to your style and elegance quotient.

Wear them to make a statement and pair them with your day’s style to deliver the most minimalist of chic looks. Tiny no longer means classically round either… it means quirky and creative.

For 2019, tiny translates into exquisite winged designs, dazzling diamond-shapes, graceful curves, and more. The only thing that isn’t small about these frames, is their over-the-top modish style.

Who better to turn to for the perfect expression of 2019’s trending tiny frames than Miuccia Prada? The perfect marriage of bohemian style and minimalist design…

When Size Really Matters

It’s back to the 80s with oversized lenses – the most-overblown of 2019’s on-trend styles. They’re aiming to prove that bigger sometimes really is better!

Oversized lenses have always been there or there-about in the trend stakes. This year they’ve returned with a supersized bang and have found their way into the collections of all our favorite brands – a fact certain to satisfy fashionistas and mark them as today’s trendsetters’ favourite shades.

Superb eye protection is matched by equally superb sophistication. A cosmopolitan statement for the street’s most stylish – with an oversized slice of panache!

With almost a century of heritage to pull down from, Fendi’s oversized lenses look back to the 1980s and deliver just the right amount of 21st century Roman attitude and elegance.

 Reflectively Yours!

Ah. Mirrored lenses. The biggest divider of opinion within the world of eyewear… but we come down firmly on the side of LOVING their challenging statement!

Want to maintain an edge to that pool-side conversation? Mirrored lenses are the way to go. Yes, I’m looking right back at you!

The aesthetic is nothing new, but wear them right and this timeless trend brings an elevation to any summer time outfit.

Mirrors. When Dior do them, they embody the hallmark of a confident gaze – elegant and timeless.

 Sporty Sunglasses

Whether you’re setting out to break a personal best or to break the internet, sporty sunglasses are the way to go. Seen resting on the noses of a host of celebrities this season, they’re pairing the style with anything from denims and tees to full gym-kit.
Our latest obsession, sporty sunglasses take their style-cues from active eyewear models more typically found on pro-skiers and cyclists on the slopes and in the peloton.

Can’t master the flatspin? With a pair of these you won’t even need to prove yourself… sporty sunglasses show you’ve already nailed it in the style-stakes.

Some say Oakley invented the whole sporty sunglasses look. We’re not saying they did but, for sure, there’s no one better in combining technical glasses with uncompromising street style.

 Glow Your Own Way

What do we do with frames that create their own criteria, shapes that don’t follow any current recognizable trend? The same as with people who follow their own path… we admire their uniqueness and individuality.

Over-the-top yet under-the-radar, these unique eyewear shapes are the result of what happens when brands let their designers’ creativity run wild. Free yourself from the expected, and see sunglasses radiate through deconstruction and reimagination.

Every style creates a form as unique as its wearer.

Why do DITA frames excel, and how are their designs so unique? Because producing eyewear is the only thing they do. They’ve placed themselves in a category of one with designs that find beauty in their purpose.

 Round Lenses

Timelessly classic and always on-trend, round sunglasses are the easiest way to add a vintage feel to your look. With a nod to screen and style icons of the past century, the shapes we’re seeing for 2019 are adding a contemporary nod to the best of the past.

Suited to both optical and shaded lenses, today’s round frames are somehow a lot less Greta Garbo and far more Greta Gerwig.

Combining form and function, it’s no mystery how this classic frame shape has remained at the top of everyone’s ‘most-stylish’ lists throughout the years.

Lindberg – an iconic name in the world of eyewear. There’s no one doing classically round optical frames better than Henrik Lindberg’s eponymous brand. Danish design and pure aesthetics… on point.
You can rely upon Lebanese designer Elie Saab to take the timeless, update it, and slap it down right in the heart of 2019. His round sunglasses look set to become the go-to funky frames of the season.

Feline Groovy

Sleeky feline or stray cat strut? You decide. Mark your own territorial style with the retro elegance of some big cat eyes yes.

Another runway hit on the SS19 catwalks, in-store you’ll find classic and contemporary expressions of this uber-chic favorite of ours and one of the hottest accessories of this season.

The signature silhouette of their shape adds an eye-catching facet to your summer wardrobe.

As you’d expect from big-time retro-lovers, Milan’s Dolce & Gabbana, their big cat eye glasses are bang on-trend for this season. Black-framed, they’re the ultimate in urban chic.
Linda Farrow has become a by-word for opulence. Meticulously crafted, her specialty frames are creating eyewear history. These big cat eye sunglasses make a perfect case in point!

Black Lenses

Combining gorgeous aesthetics with supreme eye protection, black lenses shouldn’t be overlooked. Everyone knows that darker shades will cut through glare and reduce eyestrain in moderate-to-bright conditions – and matched with the right frame there’s probably nothing that whispers uber-cool more than this.

And let’s not forget… black is the original black. Accept no substitutes!

Back to black… with two of our favorite designers – Ray-Ban and Dolce & Gabbana. Two complementary takes on the classiest frame color of them all.

 Revamped Aviators

It’s hard to go wrong with aviators. Drawing from the past, these revamped aviators maintain the most fresh and contemporary of looks.

Vintage doesn’t mean dated! Signal your own love for the past and combine it with drop-dead styling by wearing revamped aviator frames – with shaded or optical lenses.

Favored over the decades by a veritable who’s who of the great and the good, you’ll be the latest in a long line of those in the know. When something looks this right, it is right.

For many, the Aviator is the most definitive Ray-Ban of them all… they first designed them in 1937. When it’s time for a revamp, who else would you turn to other than the originators themselves?
To take on a revamp of such a timeless classic as the Aviator, you must either possess an element of madness or a huge slice of ego. In Dolce & Gabbana’s case they have a little of each. In their hands, we call it genius.

 Love Your Heart!

Set other hearts a-flutter while being your own life-size emoji with these love-ly heart-shaped frames.

You’ll be instantly Instagramable whatever the size of your heart – from loud and proud to teeny, tiny frames, they’re as unconventional as you want to make them. Devastatingly sweet, we’ve got to ask what’s better than one heart? Two hearts of course! A pair of heart-shaped frames.

The perfect antidote to conventional sunglasses – you’ll mark yourself out as individualistic and a hopeless romantic – with a fun-loving bite!

Share your love, and reinvent yourself as a life-size emoji! These YSL frames are surfing the heart frame comeback wave that’s hit the catwalks and streets of the world’s style capitals.

 Flat Top Sunglasses

Something we haven’t seen much of before this season is sunglasses with a flat top… and now they’re everywhere!

It works at its best when the addition of a straight-edge delivers an essential contemporary design twist to the classic and retro styles we know and love the most.

These could be our new go-to shapes for everyday urban wear. The no-nonsense lines compliment every face, and we’re big believers in trying something new. Flat-top glasses? There’s nothing shady there.

Not for the faint of heart nor shrinking violets – Dolce & Gabbana’s take on the flat top trend speaks for itself. Who’s got the chutzpah to rock a pair with confidence? We do!

 Multichrome Mania

See the world through rose-tinted spectacles… or blue, or red, or yellow candy-colored lenses. Add a pop of color to the world around you!

Be your own rainbow warrior and rock a pair of color-tinted lenses. Set them off with a brush of color-tinted eyeliner, and you’ve created a statement as unique as you are.

Indulgent? Yes. Audacious? Sure. Sassy? Pure sassiness! (And all the better for it!)

See the world in a different light through Fendi’s candy-colored lenses. Pick your hue to suit your mood. They’re the ultimate detailed accessory to your well-chosen outfit!

 Retro-metal Frames

A subtle way to update your eyewear armoury is with a pair of super-retro metal frames like these. Just when you think you’ve been around long enough to have seen it all before, fashion raises its uber-stylish hand of fate to demonstrate how right you were.

In life, somethings are always on-trend – and metal-framed sunglasses and optical eyewear are two essential staples.

With more than a minor nod to the past, these throwbacks to the good old days come in styles enough to satisfy the vintage heart in everyone who clings to the belief that the future is fully retro!

Retro is the future (for this season at least), and the one sure-fire way of being on-trend is with a pair of vintage-styled metal frames. Like your parents wore? Yes, sort of. But you’re wearing them far better!

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