Sunglasses Trends for Men to Watch Out for This Year

A new year calls for new shades. In 2021, step out of your comfort zone and choose yourself brand new sunglasses to match your features, flatter your looks, and elevate your style. Whether you like to stick to classics or you’re a novelty seeker, men’s sunglasses trends in 2021 are all about attitude. So if you’re looking for a new pair of shades or two, read on to learn everything you need to know about the best sunglasses for men this year, the latest eyewear trends, the most in vogue brands, and how to pick the right shades when you’re shopping online. 


In the past, you used to hit your next-door eyewear store and try out tens of styles before picking one. Today, things are quite different. Online shopping brings a more convenient experience, giving browsers access to thousands of styles in just a few clicks. This being said, shopping for sunglasses online can be a bit tricky since you don’t get to actually try the shades on. Therefore, before you choose your new sunnies online, remember first to:

1. Identify your face shape

There are 6 face shapes: oval, square, round, oblong, diamond, and heart. Every face shape has one or more matching sunglasses styles that flatter your appearance by balancing out your facial features. You can determine your face shape easily by looking up the subject online. You will find plenty of useful resources there.

2. Identify your skin tone

Picking the right sunglasses also depends on your skin tone. You either have a cool or a warm undertone. Variants of these two categories and how you can identify your own skin tone are commonly found online. Generally speaking, cool undertones match better with vibrant colours such as royal blue, emerald, red, pink, dark tortoise, white, gray, black, and navy. Warm undertones on the other hand are more compatible with yellow-based colours such as orange, yellow, olive, light tortoise, brown, gold, cream, and deep blue-greens.


Before we reveal some of our best picks for 2021, here are 3 top trends to watch out for:

  1. Choose sunglasses that match your face shape and skin tone. The moment your shades flatter your face, you’d be on-trend.
  2. Dare to be yourself by going big on colours and geometric shapes; both are very in.
  3. Top bars are making a great comeback to the eyewear world. You’ll be spoiled for choice.


  • Clubmasters

Face Shapes: Oval, Diamond, Square and Round 

Clubmasters are vintage looking shades known for their thick browline. Originally a Ray Ban signature style, clubmasters have been picked by other brands as well. So if you’re looking for a classic pair of clubmasters, Ray Ban has you served. For an undeniably fashionable look, you’d want to go for Maui Jim’s new clubmaster with crystal frames and blue Hawaii lenses. The Polaroid clubmaster in matt black and gun is an excellent choice for suave men who prefer to make their fashion statements in black. For a dashing look on a sunny day, Dior Homme Diorchrono in light gold is a beautiful and classy choice for confident men.

  • Wayfarers

Face Shapes: Oblong, Oval and Round

Wayfarers are another Ray Ban style with their distinctive trapezoidal shape. You can even try the timelessly elegant Burberry 4244 tortoise wayfarers with a top bar, or the quintessential Dior Homme Blacktie255S in black or brown. For fresher manly vibes, check Tommy Hilfiger’s blue wayfarers with blue lens and red details, Ray Ban’s 4440N shades in matt transparent with clear gradient blue mirror red. They truly pep up the wayfarers for a modern, summary look.

  • Aviators

Face Shapes: Oval, Square and Heart

Aviators are back in style and they come in every colour imaginable. Turning the heat up a notch, Tom Ford’s FT0749 boast a pink gold frame doubled with thicker black outliners to deliver a wow effect. However, it is the Emporio Armani 2057 that gives Aviators a whole new dimension. It comes in a grey mirror rose gold colour, with laser-cut effects. It’s so cool it deserves a class of its own along with the Tom Ford FT0708, featuring a full-on eye mask in gold and yellow. Other stylish designs in this category include the Adidas Original red mirrored Aviators for a sporty look; the Dita Endurance 88 for added glamour and appeal; and the undeniably luxurious Santos de Cartier sunglasses in brushed champagne golden-finish metal with Cartier’s iconic screws and a brown leather nose.

  • Round Metals

Face Shapes: Diamond, Square and Heart

Branded sunglasses for men in the round category feature staple pieces, but also the brand’s new models such as the Ray Ban 3647N with gold frames and a top bar, adding a bubbly spark to outdoorsy outfits. Emporio Armani’s 2041 rounds in matt pink gold frames with grey mirror rose gold lenses – also available in black – are showstoppers, while Giorgio Armani’s 6085 model completely redefines roundies with an intricate design that adds sophistication to any outfit.

  • Squares

Face Shapes: Oval, Oblong and Round

Square shapes don’t have to be really ‘square’. Just check David Beckhams’ DB7001/S with blue lenses, or even the Guess GU6944; ideal for the naturally seductive men. The full-eye Burberry 4276 black shades and the Bvlgari 7028K also make it to our top pick for 2021, with a more lavish, high-end feel.

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