Sunglasses: Men's Must-Have Accessory this Winter

Now that Summer has come and gone, and the scorching sun has made way to a more clement weather, many have taken their fancy sunglasses off and carefully stored them for the next beach season. While sunglasses are extensively and naturally needed in summer, most of us seem to ignore their importance in winter, not only as an essential fashion accessory, but also and mostly, as a must-have eye protection piece. “But on most winter days there’s no sun”, some of you might argue. True, but that doesn’t prevent UV rays from coming through.

Think about the following scenario for a second. It’s summer, but clouds are covering up the sky. You forget yourself for a minute and skip putting on your sunscreen. At the end of the day, you’re surprised to see that you got sunburns. How many times did this happen to you? Quite often, we’re sure, and it mainly happens to men rather than women, as men tend to be a little more negligent about skincare.

So gentlemen, even when there are clouds, UV rays still manage to find their way in. As a result, protecting your eyes from harmful UV rays becomes as important in winter as in summer.

Therefore, make it a priority to wear your sunglasses this winter in order to keep your eyes protected from UV-A and UV-B rays. But don’t just use any sunglasses. Invest in a high-quality pair of polarized shades for winter without worrying about going overboard. Today, you are spoilt for choice when it comes to eyewear: quality glasses are now available in trendy styles for all budgets.  

Next step is to take your pick from Magrabi’s eclectic collection of designer sunglasses and men’s eyewear.  We boast a selection of best sunglasses for men to suit your every taste, from classical to bold. In addition to our exclusive collection of Eye’M eyewear, here’s our favourite men’s winter 2021 sunglasses that will ensure you the protection you need, while complementing your favourite winter looks.

Classic, Everyday Eyewear

If you value the fine things in life and are looking for everyday sunglasses, we’ve got some timeless pieces by some of the world’s leading luxury brands including Cartier, Montblanc, BVLGARI, Prada and BURBERRY. Nothing too crazy, just class and elegance at all times. For the more casual everyday man, you can never go wrong with a pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses. The brand offers great styles this season, from pilot and round, to square and other shapes to fit every masculine face out there. You might also want to check their new irregulars, which come with gold frames and blue or brown lenses, adding extra appeal to any outfit.

For the Winter Sports Fans

Although Oakley shades remain hard to compete with in the sports sunglasses category, there are new comers this year, and they’re making quite an impression. But first things first. Oakley brings you their must-have fluorescent eyewear with their iconic stretched-back frames in a variety of models and colours, ideal for the kings of the slopes. You might also want to have a glance at Tommy Hilfiger‘s patched winter sunglasses with red and green lenses, or Maui Jim‘s Koki Beach, Peahi Manu, or Kanaio Coast shades, guaranteed to give you unmatched style for an active day on the snow.  

Statement Sunglasses

Moving on to the dramatic scene. For men seeking standout eyewear, we’ve got you covered. The Balmain Wonder Boy and the Balmain O.R. from the ultra-luxe Balmain collection are true showstoppers, speaking volumes of your unmatched sense of fashion. On the other hand, the Balmain B-I, the Dolce & Gabbana pilot oversized glasses in matt black, and the Tom Ford NAVIGATOR full-rim sunglasses will grab the attention of assertive, self-confident men who are effortlessly seductive. For those who are looking for something more daring and out-of-the-box, try the Dolce & Gabbana DG 2210 round glasses with their wide straps, bulging details, and attractive colours.

Beckham Shades

Finally, soccer celebrity David Beckham has made his debut in eyewear beginning 2020, by launching DB, a curated range of men’s sunglasses – also available in optical frames – inspired by his globetrotting lifestyle. Designed in Italy, these shades are your ticket to glamour, boasting something for everyone and featuring Aviator/Navigator, square, and round/oval frames made for on-the-go, urban modern men.

One last tip: A man with style always picks the sunglasses that fit their face the best, regardless of what’s popular and trendy. Find your fit and you’ll be getting yourself a timeless piece that will last you a lifetime.

That was a quick sneak peek of some of our top men’s winter sunglasses by luxury designer brands, which also include Emporio Armani, Giorgio Armani, Gucci, and Dior to name a few. Head to one of Magrabi’s 150 stores across the UAE, KSA, Egypt, Kuwait & Qatar and shop your perfect pair today to give your eyes the care – and flair – they deserve.

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