SILMO Paris – Heart of Glasses

It’s where the world’s most influential eyewear and eyecare specialists come to show, to meet, to compare, to learn, and to win. Once again, MAGRABi takes to the floor at the annual SILMO Paris Optical Fair.

We’re here every year, at the very heart of the optical and eyewear industry. It’s a key part of our ongoing global search which ensures every MAGRABi store is always stocked chock-full with the latest, the trendiest and the most desirable collection of today’s frames and eyewear options.

It’s four days of walking (for miles and miles by the way!), of talking, of soaking up the atmosphere plus, of course, doing business! And we love it!

So, now back home, we’ve brought together some of our favorite stories and inspiration from 2019’s SILMO Paris!


What were the shape, shade, and winning trends on-fire at SILMO this year?

On-Shapes: Shapes leave their regular beaten paths. What was hot at SILMO and what’s going to be hot on the street next year?

  • Not exactly round – round shapes, a great eyewear classic, are becoming slightly distorted
  • Simply Square – the right angle asserts itself, but it softened by slightly rounded curves
  • Crazy Geometry – shapes break out in stylistic experiments
  • Big Forever – Every possible shape… now super-sized
  • Bow-Tie – The classic bow-tie shape evolves towards geometric lines

Stay tuned to MAGRABi and M Blog as we roll out our new collections over the coming months!

On-Shades: Color me up! What’s next year’s shady deal looking like?

Well, with five tones set to make a big impact in 2020, this will be the year when the future finally arrives, with advances in science and technology fully reaching high streets and malls. 2020 will be the time we look forward more than we look back. We’re (the world, not only us) is going progressive). Colours will be optimistic and versatile, and also herald a return to cooler, crisper hues but with a futuristic edge.

On-Winners: The Silmo d’Or 2019 awards give the show’s most prestigious nod to the best styles and innovations of the year. We’ve picked our top stars – all of which will influence the eyewear we’ll all be choosing over the next few years to come!

Frame – Technical Innovation: Freisicht initiates a revolution in the field of natural materials

Physically optimised in such a way that solid wooden frames can be deformed when heated by an optician and, for the first time, adjusted ergonomically to every individual physiognomy. Wood, people say, is a thing of the past. That’s why we love it so much – because it preserves the emotional benefits of the past and achieves the qualities of the future! Thanks to the combination of modern technology and traditional know-how, wood can now be used like any modern material.

Optical / Frames – Fashion: Marni’s Cross, a striking look round frame crafted with a grooved rim and a metal filament around the lenses

The frame’s chromatic allure springs from the captivating effect of the custom-made rims, which are laminated and milled to achieve an octagonal shape. A very creative and innovative frame where geometricity and the unexpected play of colors make this frame very interesting yet pioneering!

Sunglasses / Frames – Fashion: Sonia Rykiel’s Endless Summer, the newly reinterpreted aviator model for adventurous women

They land in the desert and remind us of the beauty of material contrasts thanks to its perfect combination between metal and acetate. Its audacious curves and shading reveal the light within its openwork lines…

Sunglasses / Designer Eyewear: Caroline Abram’s Divine – where lightness, strength, and elegance are guaranteed by the HDC acetate

Delicate, yet futuristically sensual. Powerful through their geometrical outlines, as sophisticated as they are feminine. The stainless steel is made using a 10-step process, allowing perfect control of shade and strength.

Contact Lenses: ACUVUE® OASYS with Transitions™ is a first-of-its-kind contact lens that goes beyond vision correction by seamlessly adapting to changing light

By automatically balancing the amount of indoor and outdoor light entering the eye, ACUVUE® OASYS with Transitions™ helps reduce the stressful impact that light can have on patients’ eyes. (Confession – we’ve known about these for a long time, and they’re already available from MAGRABi!)

For Children: With special thought in mind for the health requirements of young children, Tartine & Chocolat launched its first bio-acetate range for 2-3 year olds

Why is this important? Well, the cellulose, plasticizer and colorant making up the cellulose acetate are plant-based -so there’s no phthalates or hormone-disrupting chemicals! It is a non-toxic, anallergic material which complies with the precautionary principle concerning infants. A well-deserved winner!

On-Social-Media: A few of our favorite social media moments from Silmo Paris 2019!

If you’re at Silmo Paris, it’s 11am, and you still haven’t had three cappuccinos, you’re just not trying hard enough!
It wasn’t all work!

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