Round Face? These are the Frame Shapes for You!

If you’re a circular cutie, you’re in good company! Beyoncé, Hayden Panettiere, Isla Fisher, and Mila Kunis top our list as favorite Queens of the Round Face! You’ll already know that without angular features, your super-feminine face shines at its best when framed by a super-feminine hair-style… soft waves and easy curls are surely order of the day (and night!) but what about choosing frames?

Follow our simple tips, and flatter the roundness of your face by drawing attention to its finest features!

Understanding your face shape is the leading cue point when it comes to settling on the best sunglasses and glasses for round faces.

You’re blessed with soft, gently contoured, feminine features – with a face height roughly equivalent to its width, it’s easy to find a well-proportioned and perfect fit!

Search for something that adds balance to your best facial features – and the easiest way to do that it by reaching first for pairs of glasses with angular lines.

Square faces and, to a lesser degree, oval faces, cry out for the contrast of round frames. A no, no for the round-faced Jennifer Lawrences and Gerard Butlers amongst us! Glasses for round faces are in the angular and rectangular frames area of the store!

As much as we love our look, it’s fun to play and add contrast by wearing geometric shapes including horizontal frames, rectangular frames, and even cat eye (although, if we’re honest, ANYONE can wear cat eye frames well).

Avoid small or round glasses and sunglasses! These will only succeed in drawing attention to your round features… and not in the way we want! Staying with square or rectangular frames is a guaranteed way to balance your features, and to add structure to the softness of your face.

What else? Well, it might surprise you to know that going with bold colours can add shape and dimension to round faces too!

So, whether you’re preparing for a trip to your local store, or about to order glasses online, we’re here to help with our Guide to Glasses for Round Faces:

Dare to be square – It’s the best match if you have a round face and, by adding balance to your soft features, rectangular frames will enhance your facial features and can make it appear longer and thinner.

Cat eye of the tiger – we already know that upswept frames are flattering on almost every face regardless of shape! In your case, the style will add a contouring effect – but stick to angular frames here too… avoid adding more curves to your face!

Browline Sunglassesmake use of the silhouette delivered by browline sunglasses. You’ll be adding balance and, by effectively ‘slimming down’ your face’s appearance, you’ll create an illusion of additional length!

Oversized? Over here please! – okay, this one is debatable. On the whole we’d advise those with round faces to steer clear of anything that’s going to make their face look rounder than it is… and generally oversized glasses have curves! But… we’ve seen plenty of celebs with round faces rocking oversized shades and doing it well! We say why not us too??

Going nude… with rimless glasses – why? Simply because the absence of a frame creates a naturally softer effect on rounded features.

Classically minded? For those amongst us who hanker after something a little more classic and, perhaps, enduring, where’s best to look? well, classics are classics for a reason. They look great on most people, most of the time! Classic Wayfarer and Aviators (and this doesn’t only mean Ray-Ban!) make perfect glasses for round face (and oval faces and square faces too)! Both can help balance and frame the face and they’re endlessly versatile.

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