Our Guide to Top Summer Destinations and the Perfect Eyewear Match 2019

Still looking for ideas for where to go this summer? Take a fresh direction with our total inspiration overload!

It’s time to travel! And, if you’re anything like us, you’ve probably left all your planning too late and are still scratching your head about where to go! FOMO is a modern curse, so, if we’re only doing one destination this summer, we want it to be the right one! We’ve spun our inflatable globe, marked a few favorites, and whittled it down to 7 top recommendations for summer 2019…

Where to go, and what to (eye)wear when you get there!

New York

The Big Apple, The Melting Pot, The Capital of the World; whatever you call it and wherever you choose to go in the Five Boroughs, you’ve got to look the part!

You’re thinking about slapping on any old pair of sunglasses while you’re there? You really can’t, or “Fuhgeddaboutit”, as any New Yorker is going to tell you!

If you’re thinking ‘local’, there’s nothing more New York than a pair of classic Ray-Ban Aviators or Wayfarers. The brand was established in New York in 1936, and its iconic frames have sat on the faces of generations across the world since then. With clear prescription or tinted lenses – they were right then, and they’re right now.

We’re not usually over-impressed by advertising slogans, but Ray-Bans current motif reads “On the journey to find belonging, sometimes it finds us”. And, from our own experience, there’s no city other than New York to which this is more fitting!


Clear and cloudless skies mean guaranteed dawn to dusk sunshine. One of the world’s smallest countries in total landmass, the Maldives comprises a chain of over 1,200 islands with few of them more than 2 meters above sea-level. It is, basically, one big beach!

You’ll need to have your eyewear choices well covered by the time you land in Malé though, and, with high levels of UV light and blistering reflections from the bright sun presenting a demanding scenario while making your selection of sunglasses, the Maldives is one destination where you might think you’ll need to sacrifice a little style for the sake of function. Who says so? That’s just not our way!

For sure… go polarized! Polarized lenses reduce reflections from shiny surfaces, as well as add a pop of clarity when it comes to looking across the pool or beyond the horizon. Polarized lenses are available with many of our most stylish brands and frames… combine this (you really must) with high UV protection, and you’re sorted.

STYLE PICK: Wherever the sun is sure to shine, there’s nothing sharper than a pair of mirrored lenses to set the tone for an afternoon sipping cocktails at the water’s edge.


Sun, sea, and stylish shades. And, when you’re heading to this, one of Europe’s most lively party destinations, you need to know it is somewhere that you can best use a great choice of sunglasses to mark your style!

Ibiza is the ultimate place to let your hair down, and we’re going to do it in some style. Where shorts, t-shirts and swimsuits are pretty much the order of the day every day (and night), it’s worthwhile paying attention to your choice of eyewear.

We’ll be packing multiple pairs – round, micro, metal-framed for poolside lounging; narrow, black or tortoise-shell for quiet sundowners in that quiet bar on the corner where you just KNOW you’ll be seen; and classic Aviators for the move on to the pre-parties before finishing the night at Hï Ibiza or DC10. Our darkest shades will be reserved for the morning after.


Still the city of love, Paris is equally the eternal city of style too. Go there to judge, and be judged!

The catwalks of Paris aren’t limited to the city’s twice-yearly fashion weeks. In summer, every boulevard becomes a temporary catwalk, and every flâneur becomes a super-model.

Take your cues from this season’s ‘official’ catwalk looks. Every designer accessorized with the latest looks. Our top pick for this summer reflects the return of oversize aviators and square frames. But these retro shades have modern updates galore… including matte and gradient acetates, titanium detailing, and fresh 2019 color palettes.

CLEARLY STYLISH: Transparent frames and translucent lenses create a deliciously understated monochrome look. Perhaps this is just what you need to top off your outfit?


Jet-set or yacht-borne, the Principality of Monaco is a place to see as much as be seen. The jewel of the Côte d’Azur, it is blessed with around 330 days of sunshine a year, and is home to more millionaires per head of population than anywhere else in Europe – other than Liechtenstein, but who ever went to Liechtenstein on vacation?

We’re feline funky and breaking out the classic cat-eye for our days amongst the Monégasque. Be bold, and slip on a pair of exaggerated wing-shaped frames – look for those with cut-out detailing in black and tortoise, or make a statement in prints and bright hues.

Wanting to up the elegance quotient? You’ll be dressed appropriately whether at Salle Garnier, Hôtel de Paris, Yacht Club de Monaco, or Casino Monte-Carlo in round shades with contrasting acetates and tortoiseshell materials. Just don’t lose your shirt!


For a Roman holiday, we’re thinking no further than Armani’s eternal Italian style, or perhaps something with Gucci’s contemporary twist.

Armani’s Summer 2019 eyewear collection, be it Giorgio or Emporio, embodies the exoticism and spirit the Milanese designer has built his fashion empire on since 1975. When in Rome… take a moment to reflect on what truly matters, looking around you and enjoying the tranquil beauty drenched in your surroundings. Go over-sized, and you won’t go wrong.

Gucci’s bold-framed glasses and sunglasses characterise the Gucci eyewear line for women, from classic aviators to cat-eyes and crystal Hollywood Forever styles, they’ve got la dolce vita written all over them!

OFF THE BEATEN PATH: Avoid the tourist trail for a day, and say ciao to Testaccio. On the edge of the city, with old-school trattorias and hip street food joints, it’s become every Roman food lover’s paradise!

The Rockies

When the adventurer within gets the better of you, there are few places more exciting (and accessible) than the Rocky Mountains. At almost 5,000 kilometers long, they stretch from the western Canada to New Mexico in the United States.

Perfect for a little light hiking or luxury camping, it’ll also satiate the hardcore adventurer with peaks-to-be-conquered abounding! But you’ll need to take the best eyewear for your adventures…

We’re thinking Oakley. With ‘active’ and ‘sports’ key within their DNA, they never overlook the importance of combining technical attributes within a great design package. From their sports-specific 9188 to the cross-over and bronze-lensed 9265, you’ll have high-altitude protection and an uber-stylish look… in one!

HIGH ALTITUDE TIP: Ensure your eyewear has the best UV protection, consider polarized lenses, and, if you’re a contact lens user, take extra care in low-humidity conditions.

That’s our 7 top tips for summer 2019, plenty of food for though… but we’ve got one more great idea too…

Stay at home!

Take time to enjoy the pleasures of your home city. Do the things and go to the places you never normally have time to do. Refresh your wardrobe this summer. A new look and a new feel are always just what the (vacation)doctor ordered!

Let your staycation become a thing of luxury. Live like a tourist around town, and dress up to the nines – even when it’s not absolutely required!

Take a deep breath, and explore the real you within. Experiment with new styles – clothing as well as eyewear – and, before summer is over, you’ll find yourself connecting on a new spiritual plane altogether.

If you’re ready to learn what’s on-trend, check out our view of this season’s white-hot styles here.

Have a great summer… wherever the mood (and the airmiles) take you!

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