How to Wear Eye Makeup With Glasses

While we’re all for having frame fun, there’s one major insight we can’t afford to neglect: and that’s how lenses distort or exaggerate mature eyes and cruelly highlight our eye makeup goofs! Take our tips on how best to wear eye makeup with glasses, whatever your eye shape. Make the most of your frame / makeup combo for the creation of some eye-popping moments!

1: Step away from the black! Ask any makeup artist… black eye liner can be just too much for many girls… pick up a deep burgundy and sparkly blue! These hues are warmer and make everyone look good, regardless of hair color or skin tones. Powerful, they’ll brighten your eyes too!

2: Work with your frame – part one! Simply put, if you’re sporting thick frames, it’s best to apply a thicker line to the upper lash line. Thinner frames? Thinner lines! Why’s this? You want to draw attention to your eyes… not have the frames hide them. A balance between frames and lines is key. Practice… makes them perfect!

3: Work with your frame – part two! The color of your frame should influence your choice of eye liner color. Black frames? You can make any color work! Not-quite-black? Try something dark bronze, or smoky. If you’re wearing tortoise frames be sure to pick a color from within the frame itself!

4: Work with having no frame! Going rimless? Read this! We’ve already said a thicker frame demands thicker eyeliner. What about no frame at all? Cat eye is the way to go or, better still, experiment with a double-winged line. You choose rimless for a reason, right? So, make the most of those eyes!

5: Prevent your mascaraed lashes from grazing the lenses. How? It’s easy. Curling your lashes is the simple solution! Focus on the roots of your lashes before applying mascara. Then, position the lash curler halfway down your lashes… clamp it right here for the most outrageous curl!

6: Go heavy on the mascara… but in the right place! Where’s the right place? At the root of your lashes – not the tips! Why? Add weight to the end of your lashes and those curls – not matter how outrageous they were – will fall out as the lash straightens! Not cool.

7: Go easy on the eye shadow! Too much, and your eyes will look heavy. Go minimalist… especially in the brow bone area. Whatever you’re wearing right now, have a look at something a shade or two lighter… and tell us we weren’t wrong!

8: Shape your brows. Sounds obvious… but many of us feel that because they’re often hidden by our frames, there’s no need to shape our brows. Not true! Behind frames is the perfect moment to apply a little brow gel and brush your brows upward and outward… you’ll be surprised at just how effective this simple trick is in making your brows a feature!

9: Lip service! Bold frame = bold lips too! But, balance is key here – and ‘bold’ no longer means only red and glossy! Today’s on-told bold lips can be matte and powdery or candy pink! Once you’ve mastered how to wear eye makeup with glasses, focus on getting your lips just right too!

10: Concealer is your friend! You need to be aware that your glasses are more likely to magnify those dark eye circles than to hide them! Perk things up by applying a concealer, and dust with setting powder to finish things off. Bingo. Those late nights are your secret again!

11: Saturday night fervour! When you wear glasses on a night out, give eye shadow a miss – swap it out and smudge a warm colored liner close to your lash line for a sultry look. Keep it soft and subtle – anything you do now is going to be magnified by the lights of the city!

12: Manage your foundation! Not something that’s usually too much of a concern… but there are few things as unappealing as seeing excess foundation rubbing off on to a pair of expensive frames! It won’t go unnoticed, so blot any excess away paying particular attention to your cheeks and the bridge of your nose.

13: Use a tinted moisturizer. You never do… so why now? Eye makeup with glasses requires a fresh approach – and a tinted moisturizer can help reduce those annoying common red marks that glasses leave behind on the bridge of your nose. So, whenever you need to remove your glasses, your skin will still look bright and polished.

14: Choose a long-wearing formula. Wearing eye makeup with glasses puts your cosmetics to the test! Choose a long-wearing cosmetic – look out for quality products that are labelled as waterproof or smudgeproof!

15: Applying eye makeup with restricted eyesight. Since you can’t wear your glasses while you’re applying eye makeup, the pro trick is to use a magnifying mirror! And the pro tip? Apply makeup lightly… you can always add more but it’s not so easy to take it off if you feel you’ve overdone it and need to start over!

Finally, remember that your frame color has a cosmetic effect in itself… so, when selecting a frame, choose a color that looks good on you, but that also works hard towards make you look your very best!

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