Fashion Forward Father: Stylish Eyewear Gift Ideas for Father's Day

The sunglasses and eyeglasses that will catch Dad’s eye are here.

The idea that men stop caring about their style once they become parents is all but a myth by now. Many men are still keeping up with the latest fashion trends well after they’ve grown old and raised a family, and the world of high fashion has an endless ocean of ways for men to express their taste, and that includes fathers. For Father’s Day, we have put together an easy gift guide to help you find the perfect present for your fashion-forward father, one that will surely take his style to the next sophisticated level.

When it comes to luxury and elegance, Cartier and Montblanc have set the gold standard and have few rivals in their world. A man who has been acquainted with luxury since his youth and keeps up, even intermittently, with the latest fashion trends will undoubtedly recognize the enduring value of authentic Montblanc sunglasses, so swapping out your father’s old glasses for a special occasion with Montblanc eyeglasses can be a thoughtful gesture. Alternatively, you can opt for sunglasses from Cartier’s distinctive collections, such as the latest “Panthère de Cartier,” which infuses a classic sense with a contemporary twist on the brand’s renowned symbol. Just like all their products, the meticulous attention to detail and superior craftsmanship make any gift from Cartier or Mont Blanc a timeless piece of elegance that retains its beauty and sophistication over the years.

Contemporary designers, bold aesthetics

Not all fathers share the same taste. Some are younger and more in tune with current trends. So, if you wish to impress your father with your knowledge of modern designers and striking aesthetics, look no further than Tom Ford’s eyewear. The distinguished American designer’s glasses are renowned for their alluring and elegant designs that bring something new and different to the table. For the fathers who incorporate exercise and physical activities into their lives, consider combining their passion for sports with mastered elegance through David Beckham sunglasses. This eponymous brand exudes sophisticated British style, with eyewear collections that emphasize detail and comfortable, practical style, making it an ideal gift for the occasion.

Forward thinking and progressive style

For the independent thinkers and progressive dreamers, there are bold yet elegant designs from brands like Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, and Giorgio Armani that make the perfect gifts. You can’t go wrong with a pair of Gucci sunglasses, whose designs are always in and cater to diverse tastes. Giorgio Armani eyeglasses, on the other hand, offer a variety of understated yet eye-catching designs, which stand out for their soft elegance and precision. Choosing any of these eyewear options goes a long way with Dad, because it shows him that you’ve taken their personal taste and style into consideration and given them a beautiful piece they can proudly wear any and everywhere.

Thoughtful gifts and lasting connections

While dads may not need gifts from us, it’s more that we want to express our love and gratitude for them and everything they have done for us, and that often comes in the form of a personalized gift. At MAGRABi, we help you find that special present that will surely put a smile on any father’s face, and our team of experts is there to guide you through your options and preferences. Alternatively, you can enjoy some quality time with your dad by trying out different styles on the website using the Virtual Try-on tool. Who knows, you might discover new gift ideas that hadn’t crossed your mind before!

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