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With almost a century in the eyecare & eyewear business, Magrabi has grown to be a leading eyewear fashion retail chain in the Middle East, with more than 150 stores across 5 countries. Reputed for our customer service and exhaustive selection of designer glasses, we combine avant-garde style and state-of-the-art eye care, which we perceive as both a science and an art. We have been the go-to eyewear shop for classic and fashionable glasses alike, constantly introducing the world’s latest eyewear trends to Middle Eastern markets.

Always committed to Retail Excellence, and growing widely knowledgeable about consumer preferences, the MAGRABi Group teamed up with Safilo Group, the Italian leader in the design & production of luxury eyewear Brands worldwide including David Beckham, Jimmy Choo, Isabel Marant and many others, to launch a new label, EYE’M Eyewear, dedicated to the consumer of today, to be available exclusively in all Magrabi stores in the UAE and across the Middle east. 

Although a novel brand, EYE’M is far from being the new kid on the block. It is the result of extensive research, a long experience in the eyewear industry, and an in-depth understanding of consumer wants, needs, and trends. It embodies style, passion, and craftsmanship above all.

Here’s a glimpse of what EYE’M represents, who wears it best, and why it’s meant to be the next big trend!

The Birth of a Hero Brand

Launched in 2020, EYE’M is a way of self-expression as much as it is an eyewear label. Starting with the Brand Name EYE’M that also sounds like ‘I AM’, the brand’s DNA is built around one’s feelings and identity. Because when you wear a pair of glasses, it isn’t only how you look that matters, but also how you feel. And so, the label becomes a clear statement of personality: a smart, groovy, and coveted eyewear brand by Magrabi that serves as a means of expression for upbeat shoppers.

Who Wears it Best?

Let’s face it, EYE’M is a brand with an attitude; it will not go unnoticed. It is meant for those who are not afraid to own their feelings and be their true selves. From bold fashion statements, bending the rules of dullness and mainstream, feeling alive, to the creatively expressive bunch; the inspired urban traveller; the subtle & irresistible seducer; the forward intellect; the effortlessly graceful; and the unstoppable performer. EYE’M is the perfect match for the outgoing, the outspoken, and the out-of-the-box, including kids; those cheeky pranksters and legendary heroes of tomorrow.

EYE’M’s Main Features

EYE’M has five main attributes that contemporary shoppers look for when browsing for glasses: quality, durability, diversity, convenience, and style. Here are 5 things to keep in mind about the label:

  1. Going by the motto “Wearing My Feelings”, EYE’M glasses were purposefully designed to be powerfully expressive.
  2. The label offers a variety of frames inspired by historically iconic styles, from rounds and squares to aviators, pilots and cat-eyes, to suit your skin tones, face shape, gender, age, and taste.
  3. EYE’M carries standout designs with daring colours that pop up and express your every mood.
  4. Levelling with evolving consumer needs and trends, EYE’M offers both, eyeglasses and sunnies.
  5. Each frame boasts a rugged design executed with great attention to aesthetics and functional details to provide the ultimate on-the-go convenience in style.

Express Yourself with EYE’M’s Latest Collection

The full range of EYE’M shades are showcased in-store. But just for the sake of giving you a hint of what awaits, here are four of the most on-trend EYE’M pieces:

1. The Bold Visionary: These striking black glasses are to die for. With their straight browline, thick frame, and BOLD-spelling lenses, they’re a statement piece and a must for every trendsetter’s eyewear collection.

2. The Cool Geek: Inspired by the seventies, the Cool Geek are pilot eyeglasses that will just make you look incredibly cool! Although slightly retro, they do carry a lot of vogue in them with a dash of intellect.

3. The Jetsetter: Imagine the modern version of a young and seductive John Lennon, travelling the world and capturing the hearts of millions. That’s the essence of The Jetsetter with their imperfectly-round blue lenses contrasted with metallic frames to create a dashing look.

4. The Cheeky Cat: The name gives it away, doesn’t it? The Cheeky Cat shades are cat-eye sunglasses meant for the playful woman who is hiding behind a serious librarian look.

Intrigued? Time to stir things up and upgrade your look! You can view the entire EYE’M Collection across our network of stores. So what are you waiting for? Visit us today, get your hands on your own unique pair of EYE’M glasses, and wear your feelings for the entire world to see.

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