Everything You Need to Know About ZWEÏ Lenses

Everything You Need to Know About ZWEÏ Lenses

A name that has been making waves on the optical scene is ZWEÏ, MAGRABi’s own brand of ophthalmic lenses, designed to empower consumers in their evolving, individual lifestyles.

The Difference With ZWEÏ Lenses

Manufactured by the Lens Innovation Center in Dubai, a state-of-that-art facility powered by MAGRABi’s century-long experience in the optical industry, and top-notch German equipment, ZWEÏ eyeglasses lenses were born to make a difference in the life of the consumer.

As the regional leader in eye care and fashion eyewear, MAGRABi has long realized the importance of clear vision and its effect on everything an individual perceives, does, and experiences.

Moreover, when it comes to vision correction, consumers are rarely given a choice in their glasses lenses, and even more rarely understand the product they are purchasing.

ZWEÏ is here to change that. By offering the consumer lens options that correspond to their very own needs, and offer them optimal vision in their individual lifestyles and environments.

The 3 Types of ZWEÏ Lenses 

Performant, lightweight and durable, ZWEÏ Lenses include 3 types of ophthalmic lenses for Single Vision Correction or Progressive: the Classic, the Forward, and the Tailored. While all of them offer state-of-the-art specs and crystal-clear vision, they vary according to each individual’s personal preferences.

  • ZWEÏ Classic

For the daily lifestyle, these eyeglasses lenses combine high clarity and durability for harmonious lifestyle.

  • ZWEÏ Forward

For the more demanding lifestyle, these glasses lenses offer a wider field of vision, with more distortion control at the peripheries, and an impeccable precision and definition.

  • ZWEÏ Tailored

For ultimate definition and aesthetics, the Tailored lenses from ZWEÏ are customized per the individual’s exact vision needs and frame dimensions.

ZWEÏ Specialty Lenses

Unlock the full potential of your sight in every activity with ZWEÏ specialty eyeglasses lenses.

ZWEÏ encourages you to take another pair of glasses for your individual profile, hobby or activity.

  • ZWEÏ Drive optimizes your vision experience as a frequent driver.
  • ZWEÏ Office allows you to multi-task and switch between screens and meetings with the same performant pair of lenses.
  • ZWEÏ Golf is designed for golfers, offering an eagle eye, wide angled vision.
  • ZWEÏ Sports is designed to brave the elements with you in every adventure.

ZWEÏ Coatings and Filters

All ZWEÏ Lenses come with the signature Multi-Shield coating that is:

  • Anti-scratch, making your lenses live longer
  • Anti-dust, keeping your lenses clear of dust and sand
  • Anti-reflection, reducing annoying light reflections
  • Anti-smudge, ensuring less fingerprints and stains
  • Anti-water, preventing foggy lenses in humid conditions
  • Anti-UV, protecting your eyes from the sun’s harmful rays

In addition to the above, you can choose to add an anti-blue light lens filter if you are a heavy screen user and want to protect your eyesfrom the harmful light of digital devices. If you are a frequent night driver, you can also opt foran anti-glare filter, which reduces the dangerous light reflections you face on the road at night.

Infinite Tinting Options

ZWEÏ lenses are available in a wide array of unique shades and tints. You can choose to color your glasses lenses for style or instead opt for transition lenses that will turn your eyeglasses into sunglasses at the same time.

Stop by your nearest MAGRABi store and consult with our knowledge staff regarding your ZWEÏ lens options, including the incorporation of Transitions technology to adapt to changing light conditions. Book an eye test at MAGRABi and enjoy premium eye care services tailored to your needs. Our eye specialists are always on hand to help.

Read more about ZWEÏ at https://magrabi.com/sa-en/zwei , or visit your nearest MAGRABi store.

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