Everything You Need to Know About Fall Winter 2018-19 Eyewear Trends

Fall season is just around the corner, so there’s no better time to get yourself a new pair of trendy sunglasses to add to your new fall bucket list! If you are on the look-out for some new pairs of glasses to wear at a day in your office, or a cool pair of sunglasses to add to your stylish wardrobe, we have got you covered.

Here are the top eyeglasses styles for 2018:

Cat-Eye Glasses

Cat-Eye glasses are quite an obsession since it will always be a symbol of femininity. They have been a longtime favorite for role models and fashion icons such as Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe.

Cat-Eye glasses give you the vintage look to your everyday outfit. They make you look so chic and fashionable. These glasses are truly a versatile style. They work with a variety face shape. However, these glasses work best with a diamond shaped face since it has a narrower face and chin compared to any other face shape. Cheekbones are also set wide apart while the cat eye glasses are also wide, so they work perfectly together.

Round Glasses

Round glasses are a stylish piece for men or women that makes any outfit instantly cooler. They have been a major comeback and one of the hottest trends of 2018. So why not try a new round pair of glasses to join you in your new adventures?

The square face shape is without a doubt, the best face shape for round glasses. They work best on narrow to medium faces with square, oval or angular features.

Now that you know what face shape works best with round glasses, it’s time to look at different styles that fit best with your personality!

Metallic Round Sunglasses

The Metallic round sunglasses consist of a slim metal outline that makes the frame durable and eye-catching. It works best with a colorful outfit. These sunglasses are the ideal choice for your first pair of round glasses since they are neutral and simple. Because the color is so neutral, you can wear them with almost every outfit without worrying about matching it.

Pearl Round Sunglasses

These chic pearl round glasses have dark grey lenses and silver wire frames covered in pearls if you are looking for something unique and feminine.

So if you are looking to appear sleek, modern, and classy at a day in your office, round glasses are best choice for you!

Oversized Glasses

Larger than regular sunglasses! Big glasses have always been in fashion. They will always be a fashion statement that hints at a mysterious and fabulous attitude. If you are wondering who can wear oversized glasses, the answer is, everyone!

However, the best face shape for oversized glasses is an oval or pump shape. The great advantage of these glasses is that they add a chic finish to smart outfits and completely jazz up a casual outfit.

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