Best Sunglasses for Small Faces: How to Choose the Right Sunglasses for Your Face

Have you ever gone into a sunglasses store to pick a pair of designer sunglasses, only to leave the store wondering why those sunglasses that looked so beautiful on Rihanna or Kylie Jenner don’t give your own face that celebrity vibe?

 It’s likely because the sunglasses you chose just don’t suit the shape of your face. Although confidence is all you need to wear a new pair proudly, it is important to determine your face shape to ensure that you choose the best sunglasses suited for your unique facial features. 

Choosing Sunglasses that Suit Your Face Shape

To figure out the perfect sunglasses for your face, you should first determine your face shape.

Your pretty face should fall within one of these six basic categories – oval, oblong, square, round, triangular and diamond – and knowing what yours is, will help you choose the ideal sunglasses for you.

Small Faces & Sunglasses Tips

Finding the right pair of sunglasses for your face shape can be a challenging feat, but it is important to pick a pair that is trendy, expresses your personality and can help give your face a stylish and well-proportioned look.

We’ve put together a few tips and suggestions below to help you understand which sunglasses are the right choice for your small face:

1. Width – When it comes to a proper fitting frame, the first thing is essentially making it fit your face. A very important consideration is the width of the frame. You want the width of your sunglasses to be the same as that of your face.

2. Lens – You want to make sure that your eyes are centred in the middle of the lens and fill the upper half of the lens.

3. Lens Size – The size of the lenses matters too. if your lenses are too small, you are going to get a lot of ambient light coming from above and below. So, it is important that you get the right-sized lens with right coverage.

4. Lens Height – Many small-faced people like sunglasses with less lens height (less height to the lens). If you find that too much lens height drowns your facial features, then you can go for rectangular frames rather than square, and oval frames rather than round. One neat trick is to make sure you have gradient lenses – that transition from dark to light. These lenses tone down the overall volume of the sunglasses.

5. Frame Size – Thin frames are a great choice for small faces; they are less obtrusive than thick frames, because they take up less space on the already limited real estate of small face. If you like the look of thick dark sunglasses but find that they overwhelm your face, here’s a trick that you can do: wear thin sunglasses in a bold color and it will give you the same assertive look.

6. Frame Type – Top heavy frames are a great choice for small faces. Top-heavy frames of a pair of sunglasses are darker and thicker at the top than they are at the bottom (a darker or thicker upper rim than the lower rim). Try browline or clubmaster style sunglasses; ombre sunglasses with a fade running from top to bottom; semi rimless or half frame sunglasses, where there are no lower rims; or transparent frames are the perfect combination of a very contemporary modern style with a ‘’barely there’’ look that a lot of small-faced people love. They can be totally clear (also known as crystal), or they can be lightly colored. These types of sunglasses are going to be less obtrusive on a small face, because there is just less frame material crowding the small area of your face.

Now that you have all the essential information you need on sunglasses for small faces, head to a MAGRABi store near you to pick the slickest shades for your face. If you need help, our eyewear specialists will find you a pair that suits you perfectly based on your face type, preferences, and the latest trends.

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