5 Eye Problems You Should Never Ignore

Vision problems include all eye conditions, diseases or abnormalities of the eye and its appendages, which can affect your vision. The disorders can be related to inflammation, a defect in curvature of the cornea, eye ulcer, a problem with the lens or with the retina, or other eye defects.

So how do you know if an eye problem is a nuisance or the start of something serious? We tell you in this article. Read on!

1. Eye Pain

Most eye diseases are painless, but some conditions or injuries can result in eye pain. If eye strain is sudden, severe, or lasts more than a minute or two, see an eye doctor immediately. This is probably your eyes alerting you of an infection or inflammation. It is not just eye trauma that can be a problem, but the resulting swelling, bleeding or infection.

2. Red Eyes

Allergies, smoke or even lack of sleep can cause a burning sensation in the eyes. These irritating factors can also dilate the blood vessels in your eye which become more noticeable. When both eyes are red, it could be a sign of a cold or conjunctivitis or minor infections that are self-healing. However, one red eye can be an indicator of a deeper inflammation, such as scleritis or uveitis. Scleritis is the inflammation of the outer protective barrier around the eye, and uveitis is the inflammation and swelling of the middle coating of the eyeball.

When redness is accompanied by eyeball pain, burning, blurred vision, abnormal discharge, or any other new symptom, then you should seek help from an ophthalmologist.

3. Blurry Vision

Blurry vision or blurred vision can be a sign of a number of eye problems, such as myopia, hyperopia, presbyopia, astigmatism and Age-related macular degeneration (AMD). However, the underlying problem may be unrelated to the eyes; it could be a migraine, while losing vision in one eye may be an early symptom of a stroke.

4. Flashing Lights and Floaters

Flashing lights are a person’s perception of flashes of light, or streaks of light that do not correspond to any external source. Eye floaters are spots or strings that appear to move around a person’s visual field, but do not correspond to external objects. Flashes and floaters are frequent phenomena most often caused by the shrinkage of the gelatinous substance that fills the eyeball. A noticeable increase in the amount of floaters or a greyish shadow moving around your field of vision could be signs of a detachment of the retina and, unless treated quickly, usually with surgery, retinal detachment can lead to blindness.

5. Double Vision

The causes of double vision or binocular diplopia are multiple, but the most frequent ones are arterial hypertension and diabetes. Diplopia can also be linked to the presence of a cyst behind the eye, trauma, neurological damage, inflammation, a disease of an eye muscle, or Graves’ disease which is an autoimmune condition that causes your thyroid to work harder than it needs to.

Vision Problems: The Worrying Symptoms

  • A sudden drop in visual acuity may be linked to retinal detachment;
  • Hemorrhage in a diabetic patient has to be taken seriously;
  • AMD could cause permanent vision loss;
  • Photophobia which makes exposure to light painful, and could cause complications from wearing lenses (infections);
  • The appearance of “flying flies” or black dots: though very frequent, it can indicate in rare cases, a hole in the retina;
  • The fact of suddenly seeing double (diplopia) is not only about a lazy eye. It can depict a neurological problem, or even ENT cancer.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), more than 250 million people are visually impaired worldwide. Of these cases, about 80 percent could have been avoided or cured. That’s why regular eye exams are so important and should not be ignored. If you are experiencing any symptoms similar to the conditions we cited above, or detect any changes in your vision, book an eye test today at our Magrabi stores in the UAE and get your eyes examined by our expert optometrists. We have a long history of dealing with a wide range of eye problems and will not rest until your vision is restored. Your eyes are important, so take great care of them!

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