2023 Eyewear Trends Set to Take the Fashion World by Storm

All eyes are on the 2023 eyewear trends inspired by the highly anticipated fashion weeks around the world. Synonymous with mode and functionality, sunglasses have become a staple fashion accessory that will instantly elevate your game. From green frames and sporty sunglasses, to oversized angular shapes and tinted lenses, there’s a trend to suit every taste and preference.

Read on to learn more about the most coveted eyewear styles that are making waves this year.

  • Green Frames

One popular trend in 2023 is the rise of green frames that come in various shades of green, from subtle hues to bold emerald tones, and they’re often adorned with intricate details, such as stylish prints or geometric patterns. Green frames make the perfect statement accessory to spice up your outfit and add a sophisticated flair to your eyewear wardrobe. Go for David Beckham eyeglasses with light green frames or choose Jacob sunglasses by Off-White™ with neon green exterior, Bottega Veneta’s green metal silhouettes, Valentino’s cat-eye sunglasses in green acetate or better yet, browse the entire eyewear collection with the most sought-after colors and styles, all available at MAGRABi!

  • Tinted Lenses

Tinted lenses are another eyewear trend set to make a splash this year. These lenses come in a range of colors, from subtle tints to bold hues including blues, pinks and yellows. Tinted lenses are available in a variety of options, from mirrored sunglasses that are equipped with special reflective lens coatings that prevent extra light from entering your eyes, to gradient lenses that can be worn both indoors and outdoors to polarized options for optimal glare reduction. These lenses create a bold, fashion-forward look while also protecting your eyes from the sun, making them ideal for adding a touch of style and edge to your attire. Shop your favorite choice of sunglasses with tinted lenses at any MAGRABi store or online and enjoy the added benefit of customizing your lenses to your color of preference! MAGRABi offers you a wide variety of lens colors that can be made to order, with the option of having these colors applied to prescription lenses as well. Just ask about ZWEI color lenses during your next visit to any MAGRABi store.

  • Sporty Sunglasses

Sporty sunglasses have been reinvented with sleek designs, bold colors and stylish details that make them a great choice for any fashion-forward individual. These athletic-inspired sunglasses offer a secure fit and often come with polarized lenses for glare reduction, making them perfect for outdoor activities or sports. Performance sunglasses are practical and versatile. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from classic rectangles to wraparound styles and in a range of colors, including bright/bold hues and neutral tones. These sunglasses can be worn with anything from gym clothes to casual wear, to inject a touch of sporty flair into any outfit. Explore the latest sporty sunglasses collections by Oakley, Persol among others, available at MAGRABi.

  • Oversized & Angular Frames

While oversized sunglasses have always been a popular choice, the angular shapes add a new level of intrigue and sophistication to make a bold fashion statement. These versatile frames offer a dramatic look and they come in various shapes and materials from round and rectangular to acetate and metal. They can be paired with your casual outfits or formal attire for an edgy flair, making them a must-have accessory to stand out from the crowd. Check out MAGRABi’s wide selection of oversized eyeglasses or oversized sunglasses in a range of signature styles from luxury fashion designers such as Miu Miu, BVLGARI, Versace, Tom Ford and many more!

Sunglasses for Every Taste!

2023 Eyewear trends are all about striking the perfect balance between fashion and functionality. From stylish green frames to tinted lenses, sporty sunglasses, and oversized and geometric frames, there’s a trend for everyone. So, get ready to elevate your eyewear game this year!

Visit your nearest MAGRABi store or log on to magrabi.com and discover the latest collections of international eyewear brands for men, women and kids. You can also shop your new sunglasses, eyeglasses, prescription sunglasses or clear and color contact lenses on magrabi.com and enjoy live chat assistance, and fast & easy shipping and returns!

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