The Trendiest Eyewear for a Successful School Year Ahead

At MAGRABi, we make back-to-school shopping simple. See this year's top picks & explore the latest back-to-school offers on glasses & contact lenses.

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The Power of Transitions Lenses

Discover the power of photochromic lenses with MAGRABi UAE. Experience the convenience of transition lenses that adapt to changing light conditions.

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Discovering the Radiant Color of the Year 2023

Explore the vibrant color of the year 2023, Viva Magenta, and how it can elevate your summer wardrobe. Unveil an enchanting palette of shades at MAGRABi.

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SS 2023 Collection by EYE'M Makes Waves On Eyewear Scene

Discover the SS 2023 range of EYE'M glasses exclusively at MAGRABi. Explore the latest EYE'M sunglasses & eyeglasses & elevate your eyewear.

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Seasonal Eye Allergies: How to Keep Your Eyes Safe During Allergy Season

Combat seasonal eye allergies with MAGRABi's expert guide. From seasonal allergy symptoms to triggers & treatments, enjoy healthy eyes all year long!

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Everything You Need to Know About ZWEÏ Lenses

German technology ophthalmic lenses designed for the modern lifestyle

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How To Choose Your Color Contact Lenses

Choose the right contact lens colors for your eyes with MAGRABi's ultimate guide. Discover the best colored contact lenses & instantly elevate your look.

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2023 Eyewear Trends Set to Take the Fashion World by Storm

All eyes are on the 2023 eyewear trends inspired by the highly anticipated fashion weeks around the world. Synonymous with mode and functionality, sunglasses have become a staple fashion accessory tha

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How to Reduce Eye Strain in Kids This School Year

A MAGRABi guide to protecting your kids’ vision this school year and helpful tips on limiting eye strain caused by studying and using screens.

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What Is Tabby and How Does It Work? 

Split your online payment into 4 easy installments with Tabby, now available on magrabi.com. No interest. No hidden fees.

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Everything You Need to Know About Eye Tests

Learn about the importance of regular eye tests and the conditions they can detect, as well as what you can expect at your next checkup.

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Your Guide to Prescription Sunglasses

Get ready for summer with our guide to prescription sunglasses. Learn everything you need to know about the benefits of these types of sunglasses.

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Glasses Trends to Look Out for in 2022

Ready to give your eyewear a makeover? From acetate glasses to classic cat-eye & more, see the top 5 glasses trends that are on our radar for 2022.

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Ultraviolet Rays and Your Eyes

The risk of ultraviolet rays is underestimated yet overexposing your eyes can cause you serious harm. Know the risks of UV rays and protect your eyes!

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5 Eye Problems You Should Never Ignore

How do you know if an eye problem is a nuisance or the start of something serious? Read on to know if you identify with these symptoms.

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