Fashion Forward Father: Stylish Eyewear Gift Ideas for Father's Day

Shop Cartier sunglasses, Oakley sunglasses & Gucci sunglasses from MAGRABi. Check out the best sunglasses for men and men's eyeglasses Online.

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Choosing the Right ZWEÏ Lens for Your Needs

Discover the state-of-the-art German technology optical lenses that are designed around your lifestyle. Try the best German lenses Only at MAGRABi

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Shades of Fun: Discover the Exciting World of Kids Eyewear

Shop cool kids sunglasses & kids eyeglasses from your favorite brands like Ray Ban Junior & Oakley. Check out best kids glasses frames from EYE’M on MAGRABi.

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The Exciting Growth Journey of MAGRABi Across the Market

Magrabi's Spectacular Double-Digit Growth in the Ever-Evolving Market Landscape. Checkout sunglasses, eyeglasses & contact lenses collections from your favorite brands.

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Sun-Kissed Style: Your Ultimate Summer Sunglasses Guide for Middle Eastern Destinations

Discover the shades that suit every lifestyle in the region this spring-summer season. Explore prada, celine, miu miu, ray ban, chanel & dior sunglasses

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Common Myths About Eyeglasses & Vision

Revealing the truth behind common eye myths. Checkout Magrabi collection on eyeglasses, sunglasses, contact lenses & care solution.

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Empowering Women and Celebrating Mothers: A Tribute on Women's Day and Mother's Day

Honoring the remarkable women and celebrating their strength and elegance at MAGRABi. Discover Mothers Day Gift & shop Feminine Eyeglass Frames and Female Eyewear.

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Unleash Your Inner Diva: Top Makeup Trends for Colored Contact Lenses

Discover the latest in colored contact lenses & makeup trends for 2024. Explore vibrant shades, exclusive collaborations, & new arrivals from top brands.

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Decoding Your Vision: The Ultimate Guide to Reading Your Eye Prescription

Explore our eyeglasses collection & latest frames for 2024. Discover different shapes of prescription glasses from your favorite brands.

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Unforgettable Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Him & Her

Give the perfect gift this Valentine's Day with luxurious Valentine's Day Gifts for him & her at MAGRABi. Explore a range of gift ideas for everyone.

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A Vision of Future: Eyewear Trends at NYFW 2024

Explore the future of eyewear with MAGRABi. Dive into NYFW 2024 trends, where sophistication meets innovation. Elevate your style with our latest frames.

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The Ultimate Eyewear Gifting Guide for the Season

Unwrap elegance this season with eyewear gift ideas from MAGRABi. With timeless classics to edgy new arrivals, discover the perfect gift for everyone.

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The Fashion Radar: Fall-Winter 2023 Trends Unveiled

From sculptural eyewear masterpieces to vibrant accents, join us on a journey where glasses frames are not just accessories but timeless works of art.

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White Friday 2023: Your Eyewear Gifting Guide

White Friday joy awaits at MAGRABi. Amazing offers on sunglasses, eyeglasses, and lenses. Shop now for the perfect gifts for the perfect vision.

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The Trendiest Eyewear for a Successful School Year Ahead

At MAGRABi, we make back-to-school shopping simple. See this year's top picks & explore the latest back-to-school offers on glasses & contact lenses.

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